Synx is making an unrivaled UGC Gaming Experience.

We're raising the bar for UGC gaming by creating memorable experiences for our communities.

Re-imagine Pokémon in Minecraft

EnchantMC - Pixelmon Reforged and Survival

Opened in 2022, we've strived to create the best Pixelmon experience possible. With a dedicated staff and community team, our tight-knit community loves new faces to join. Conquer the server and become the best with our numerous ways to battle each other!

0 Players Online
0 Players Online

Experience Towny in a new way

NobleRealms - Medieval Towny

Created in 2020, Synx has operated NobleRealms since 2022 to bring a new Towny experience to Minecraft. With unique features and regular updates we strive to beat our competition.

Our new Cobblemon Experience

CobbleClub - Cobblemon Reimagined.

Launching in 2024, Cobbleclub is a brand new view on Cobblemon. With one of the most sophisticated setups available, we're excited to bring a new experience to the table.

Coming Soon